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Victor Treutel

Victor Treutel is an avid story teller.  He has four published novels and one self-help book.  


The Sea Grape Trilogy

Victor Treutel uncovered the characters and locations of THE SEA GRAPE Trilogy while writing his first novel, DEEPER THAN THE OCEAN. While he was scouting a location he stumbled upon the Sea Grape Manor on the Atlantic coast of Florida and the amazing people who called it home. He returned to the Sea Grape Manor many times over the years and formed a strong bond with the characters you will meet in THE SEA GRAPE Trilogy.  

THE SEA GRAPE Trilogy is loosly based on real people, places and events. The key word of the last sentence being “loosly”. Which means that most of THE SEA GRAPE Trilogy is simply fiction. No one but the author knows what is true and what is made up; and he won’t tell. He said something about protecting the innocent 

Deeper than the Ocean

Christian, a young white man saved from racial tension as a boy by his mystic, black nanny Marisa, is taught to live and protect the last secluded Florida beach and its inhabitants. He is at ease with nature but not himself-he is alone. His struggle to understand the ways of man are only complicated when he encounters Patricia on his beach. She has run from years of abuse at the hands of a wealthy, jealous husband. She's haunted and hunted by this drunken man who must possess her. She longs for safety and seclusion in the simple beach life. Her emotional turmoil is only heightened when she finds Christian, and the deeper truths of the beach.

Patty and Christian -- one created by society, the other protected from it -- struggle with themselves, others, and nature.  Their emotional adventure takes them from Florida's wave-breaking serenity and its hurricane vengeance to Alaska's silent, magic wilderness.  They search themselves and this land for loves and lives that are...DEEPER THAN THE OCEAN.

Soulmates My Ass

Until the baby boomer generation, every home had exactly the same relationship -- men went to work and women stayed home and raised the children.  This cookie-cutter existence made adult relationships simple--kids learned their future role by watching their parents.  No assembly was ever required.

But baby boomers obliterated the cookie-cutter!  They took a two thousand year standard and morphed it into a psychedelic nightmare--every home now has a different relationship model--most of which don't work. What people thought they had learned by watching their parents has been tossed out like the proverbial baby with the bathwater.

SOULMATES MY ASS will teach you how to make your partner a better person every single day, and how to be their hero, not their zero.

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The Mansion: Book One of the Sea Grape Trilogy

$2.99 Kindle eBook

The Castle: Book Two of the Sea Grape Trilogy

$2.99 Kindle eBook

The Sea Grape: Book Three of the Sea Grape Trilogy

$2.99 Kindle eBook

Deeper than the Ocean

$9.99 Kindle eBook

Soulmates My Ass

$3.99 Kindle eBook

$12.99 Paperback


"Delightful Story, I'm hooked!"

"If you enjoy the kind of book that robs you of a good night's sleep because you can't put it down, this is the book for you!"

Amazon Review

"Its a must read!"

"I've read all of Elon Hilderbrand's, Nicholas Sparks' and John Grisham's books and THE MANSION is right up there with them!!"

Kelly Brown

"Two beautifully crafted characters..."

"...meet in the most unlikely places and, together, fight for their identity.  Victor Treutel should be commended for this wonderful tale."

Orlando Leisure Magazine

"A beautiful ballad of poetic creation."

"Deeper than the Ocean is just that, a beautiful ballad of poetic creation, delving deep into the souls of all three parties -- the characters, the author's and the reader's.  Destined to become a best seller."

Dean Parson

"So intense I was shaking."

"I read your first chapter and my goodness.  It was so intense that I was shaking."

Christine Calvo

"The characters were so real..."

"...and yes, I did cry a few times -- a true sign of a good book!"
Pam Lively

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