As a lifelong adventurer, Victor has traveled the globe in search of stories and photographs.  You will find details about his novels and see some amazing photographs on this website.  Thanks for visiting. 



Victor has four published novels: Deeper than the Ocean, and a trilogy; The Mansion, The Castle, and The Sea Grape.  He also co-authored a relationship self-help book with his wife Gayle titled Soulmates My Ass.

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Dall's porpoise photographed in the Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska. USA.

Victor is an avid landscape photographer.

Victor's Photographs



Life is defiantly an adventure, and you won't find Victor sitting still.  Keep watching this website for new photographs of his latest adventures.

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Author - Photographer - Adventurer

Life is an adventure, filled with amazing visions and engrossing stories.  Victor has spent his life in search of adventures; living them, writing about them, and photographing them.  This website is dedicated to his life's work.

Victor's adventurous life started at an early age; born into a military family, standing still was never an answer.  His entire life he has lived and traveled throughout the world.  Today he lives atop a mountain in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina.


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